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2700 ₸


ZhailauFried goat cheese with Rocket, lemon juice and olive oil.

2700 ₸

Caesar Salad with chicken

Pieces of grilled chicken breast served on iceberg and lettuce leaves with Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.
2500 ₸


ChabanTraditional Kazakh salad. Goat cheese adds a delicate flavour to slices of juicy vegetables, dressed with oil.

2700 ₸

Salad with arugula

Rocket salad with olive oil, pine nuts.
1700 ₸

Olivier (Russian salad)

OlivierClassic. It is based on boiled beef, potatoes, carrots, pickled cucumbers, green peas, onion and mayonnaise.

2600 ₸

Mixed salad with salmon

Assorted greens with smoked salmon.
4700 ₸

Assorted meat cuts

Assorted meat cutsDifferent parts of horse meat (qazy, qarta, zhaya), smoked turkey and boiled tongue(beef).

4700 ₸

Assorted fish

Assorted fishSoft and tender slices of red and white fish (smoked sturgeon and Caspian salmon).

3100 ₸

Russian starter

Russian starterTender herring with onion and fresh greens, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, boiled potato and sour cabbage with a touch of savoury sunflower seed oil.

1500 ₸

Chicken Kespe

Sorpa (clear soup) with greens, tender chicken fillet and home noodle.
1500 ₸

Sorpa Chaban

Tender, toothsome, nutritious meat in clear soup with vegetables and greens.
1500 ₸


Based on hot clear stew of lamb and horse meat, with thin sheets of dough, strips of meat, onion and pepper.
1500 ₸

Atyrau Fish Soup

Fish soup with vegetables and greens.
1500 ₸


Cold summer soup with pieces of boiled meat, potatoes, chopped cucumbers and greens, dressed with airan (butter milk). Classic Russian dish which gained love in Asia.
700 ₸

Sorpa (clear soup)

Aromatic, clear stew of lamb or horse meat with chopped greens.


BESHBARMAK   Traditionally, the dish is served at celebrations and family feasts for the guests of honor. The most favorable period for making beshbarmak is winter, because at this time it is convenient to store meat harvesting and wait for neighbors to "besh". In addition, in the cold night, nothing will warm you up better than a plate of hot fat meat and fragrant bowl Surp. With the cold weather in the beginning of Kazakh families begin harvesting the meat during the winter "sogym", the availability of these stocks affect the preference and choice of family and after-dinner dishes. Beshbarmak - King of the Kazakh dastarkhan, supply of food is an essential part of the ritual and any event, celebrated with friends and relatives.

22800 ₸

Asykty zhіlіk

Beshbarmak festive

Prepared according to the original recipe of mutton ham. According to tradition, decoration of dishes is the tibia.

22800 ₸

Sүrlengen et

Beshbarmak of dried horse meat

It is made of dried horse meat with the addition of traditional Kazakh meat delicacies: kazi, zhaya, karta.

22800 ₸

Sүrlengen siyr etі

Beshbarmak of beef jerky

Prepared by the so-called winter of beef jerky recipe - prepared in strict accordance with the traditional recipe.

22800 ₸

Үyіtіlgen et

Beshbarmak of singed meat

Prepared according to the original recipe of smoked lamb. Before cooking, the meat undergoes special treatment over an open fire, in which is impregnated with the scent of smoke.

19000 ₸

Beshbarmak by Kyrgyz

Prepared according to the recipe popular in Kyrgyzstan. A dish of horse meat with the addition of sliced deli meats: kazi, zhaya, karta.
19000 ₸

Beshbarmak with noodles

Prepared according to the recipe is widely used in the southern regions of Kazakhstan. Instead of the traditional juicy, food is the basis of thin noodles made by hand. It consists of two kinds of meat: lamb and horse meat, with the addition of Kazy, zhaya, karta.
19000 ₸

Beshbarmak with potatoes

Prepared according to the original recipe, popular in some regions of Kazakhstan. Classic beshbarmak two kinds of meat: lamb and horse meat, with the addition of Kazy, zhaya, karta and potatoes.
3800 ₸


BeshbarmakSoft and tender pieces of boiled lamb with thin sheets of home-made dough, covered with touzlouk. Being the main dish of Kazakh cuisine Beshbarmak is prepared according to the traditional recipe.

2400 ₸


BasLamb’s head baked to a classic Kazakh recipe, very tender and rich in flavour.

3200 ₸


QuyrdaqAncient Kazakh dish with rich flavour and tender, juicy taste is prepared of lamb, sautéed in an oriental kazan pot with some potatoes and byproduct (pieces of lamb lungs, liver etc)

3800 ₸

Kazan et

Kazan etLamb Fore Shank stewed in marinade with vegetables and sauce.

3800 ₸


BespanzhaOriental dish from vinegar-pickled mutton on skewers with fried vegetables.

5700 ₸

Horse meat steak

Horse meat steakHorse fillet fried on herb oil and serviced with three peppers.

2700 ₸


KiymaGround beef on the grill. Recipe based on fresh tenderloin.

3900 ₸


AssypMutton mear, lung, heart and boiled rice wrapped in internal fat and steamed, served with red tomato sauce.

2400 ₸

Meat Manty with jusai (5 pieces)

Meat Manty with jusaiChopped beef with onion wrapped in thin dough slice Cooked on steam

2400 ₸


PilafTraditional oriental plov, cooked on classic base – zirvak (lamb, carrots, onions, chick peas), in a kazan pot on direct fire. Served with shakorop.

2400 ₸

Lagman (guiru, suiru)

LagmanOriental fried mutton with vegetables and spices, served with noodle.

2000 ₸


TushparaTraditional Russian and central Asian dumplings prepared entirely by our team using top quality minced meat and home-made dough.

2000 ₸

Zhovava with katyk

Zhovava with katykLight nutritious dish with mutton and green cilantro wrapped in thin slice of dough, served with katyk.

2000 ₸

En Famille Potato with Meat

En Famille Potato with MeatGold rounds of potato with beef and onion.

2900 ₸

Chicken breasts

Chicken breastsBaked on grill chicken breast, served with boiled rice.

3400 ₸

Smooth river trout

Smooth river troutBaked on grass oil with vegetables.

3800 ₸


Salmon-grillPink salmon baked on grill in lemon sauce.

3400 ₸

Lake zander

Lake zanderPike perch fillet, baked with white wine a cream sauce. Served with grilled vegetables.

2700 ₸

Karyn sai

The old national delicacy of mutton tripe with vegetables.
700 ₸

Bread basket

Bread basketBaursak, flat cake, kurt.

1200 ₸

Samsa with meat (3 pieces)

SamsaSliced mutton with broad tail fat wrapped in tandyr dough.

1200 ₸

Cheburek with meat (2 pieces)

CheburekSliced beef with broad tail fat wrapped in unfermented dough and fried in deep fat.

1200 ₸

Belyash (3 pieces)

BelyashSliced beef with broad tail fat wrapped in sour dough and fried in deep fat.

1200 ₸


PyuryaSliced beef with dzhusaem wrapped in unleavened dough on milk.

140 ₸


FlatbreadThe traditional central Asian flatbread. Very soft and fresh, made with special recipe dough.

900 ₸


Chak-chakOriental dessert.

2300 ₸

Oriental sweets

Oriental sweetsOriental sweets.

600 ₸

Apple “Alma-Ata”

Яблоко “Алма-Ата”Staffed apple baked with vanilla sauce.

400 ₸

Boiled rice

450 ₸

Mashed potatoes

600 ₸

French fries

600 ₸

Vegetables baked on grill

Eggplants, tomatoes, paprika, onion.
300 ₸


300 ₸


300 ₸


250 ₸

Sour cream

1200 ₸


1 liter
500 ₸


300 ml.
1200 ₸


1 liter
500 ₸


300 ml.
1200 ₸


1 liter
500 ₸


300 ml.
600 ₸


Prepared from natural boiled milk.
900 ₸


Honey with sour cream by ancient recipe.
900 ₸


Sweet cheese.
700 ₸


Rolls made of sour-milk paste.

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