Catering in Almaty

Catering is quite a new service in our country, though demand and practicalness for it is hard to overestimate. Catering service includes food delivery, laying and decorating the table and serving by professional waiters.

Professional catering is wonderful for quick non-expensive way to organize catering restaurant or open-air party, and to hold a significant event as a banquet

Imagine you have to organize an event. You don’t need to go to restaurant, our restaurant goes to you!

Ideal serving according to standards: glasses and kitchen set instead of cheap plastic dishes. Our food is prepared at the moment, not warmed up or prepared yesterday. The food is not prepared on improvised devices, but on professional equipment, our mobile kitchen. Lean on real professionals. There is nothing left for you to do but relax, everything we take upon ourselves.

P.S. Our arsenal has:

  1. Movable kitchen HYUNDAI
  2. White tents with floors (up to 150 sq.m.)
  3. Chairs and tables
  4. Porcelain dishes
  5. Czech glasses

In case of lack of electricity, there is an 8 kilowatt generator in mobile kitchen.

Truly yours, Aidar Uzakov

uzakow aidar

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Address: Almaty
Residential complex "Keremet" house 7.
Phone:+7 727 315 09 67
Mobile:+7 777 273 04 57
Mobile:+7 747 376 70 45

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