• Kazakh ethnic cuisine restaurant “Gakku”

    Our restaurant - is the embodiment of Kazakh world view
    combinig the contemporaneity and the ancestor’s traditions.
    Nothing is excessive and nothing is missing - все вокруг
    everything around should be beautiful and should delight one’s eyes -
    this is our philosophy.

  • The "Gakku" - a dining room,
    four cabins and a separate VIP-zone - a yurt.

  • On the territory of the restaurant "Gakku",
    except for the dining room, there is a summer playground,
    stylized yurt.

  • The restaurant’s culinary concep -
    high Kazakh national cuisine,
    which is delicate and tasty if it is homemade.
    The recipes of many Kazakh dishes
    have not been changed for centuries.

  • A great collection of antiquarian jewelry
    takes you back over the centuries
    and allows you to feel the involvement in the history and
    in the great legacy of Turkic people.

  • Professional catering – is wonderful for quick
    non-expensive way to organize catering restaurant or open-air party,
    and to hold a significant event as a banquet.
    Imagine you have to organize an event.
    You don’t need to go to restaurant, our restaurant goes to you.


Truly yours, Aidar Uzakov

uzakow aidar

Contacts Kazakh cuisine restaurant GAKKU


Address: Almaty
Residential complex "Keremet" house 7.
E-mail: gakky.kz@mail.ru
Phone:+7 727 315 09 67
Mobile:+7 777 273 04 57
Mobile:+7 747 376 70 45

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